Is it too early?

I have been seeing a lot of watercolour image appear through various feeds of late.  However, I wanted to attempt something a little different.  So I created some basic sketches and scanned them into Adobe Illustrator.  In Illustrator, after the images had been traced in I could resize, copy and reposition them to create this wreathe.

I was going to change the colours but I quite the colours that I had originally had.  I really like the bright colours along with the colour of the Robin.



Art, Instagram trends

Monthly Markers

One of my design goals for this year was to try something new as often as possible.  When I noticed that Monthly Markers were popping up on Instagram feeds as a way to differentiate between the months of a busy feed I thought it was a fabulous idea.

Even though my design goals have changed somewhat since I started this project. I have kept the ocean theme going all year, in order to keep the idea flowing.  It was really difficult to draw these designs at the beginning, as I didn’t have access to a scanner to upload my original drawings and I didn’t have a drawing tablet. So these drawings were all done with a mouse and my laptop in Adobe Illustrator.

I have such a great time working with these it was time consuming but fun. I’d better start thinking about what I am theme I am going to use for 2018.